Play Pouch

We are Kate and Kate - Aussie mums with two busy households, six lively kids and hundreds of wandering toys between us.

When the stray bits and pieces started to get us down, we decided to replicate the old sheet-and-string storage system of yesteryear and play pouch was born. It is based on a vintage concept that has stood the test of time. 

We've redesigned play pouch for modern life and used soft but tough canvas in great colours and prints with strong rope to make the play pouch the best it can be. The play pouch also has a handy pocket with a zip to keep treasures and valuables safe.

Our kids love to use the play pouch in our own homes and when family and friends started pleading for theirs, we expanded! Now the play pouch is available to everyone who wants to "play and then simply pack away" too. We’ve added mini pouch to the range for smaller collections of toys and there is a range of gorgeous printed play pouches too. 

Visit our shop in the menu above - to choose your favourite colour and order a play pouch for your family or a favourite friend.

Play Pouch