Mini & Maximus


"They are curious, impulsive, in awe of the world around them, whimsical and funny. We are awed by their ceaseless originality, courage and exuberance. The creative spirit inspires us. We are compelled by the impulse to imagine, the ability to conceive and actualize, and the discoveries that occur within the process of creating."

Mini & Maximus want your kids to be wearing the coolest t-shirt out on the playground. They also want you to feel good about where you bought it, because they care about kids, they care about our planet and they care about originality. Mini & Maximus want both your kids and our kids to enjoy this fascinating world while being responsible in regard of our planet.


Mini & Maximus like the challenge in finding natural alternatives to things that are not so nice to our environment. They strive to create products that you’ll not only feel good about, but that you’ll feel safe giving to your child. They use three types of earth-friendly fabrics for all of their products: a unique blend of super soft bamboo/cotton, 100% organic cotton, or a modal/cotton blend. They screen print all of our graphics and neck labels with water-soluble ink.
By supporting Mini & Maximus you can say that you are a part of the solution, and your kids will thank you for it.

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