Harlow Kids

Harlow’s mission is to find and create cool threads for little boys. They are curious, a little bit crazy, funny as heck and most of the time totally awesome. They have ceaseless energy, buckets of courage and boundless imaginations. We love that about boys so each season we strive to create a range of gear that reflects these remarkable little people because they do really inspire us to be creative and fun big people.

Susan Vaz started Harlow Kids in 2013 as a clothing brand just for boys. After being surrounded by boys her whole life - growing up with only brothers and now having only sons - she has a keen eye for boys style and cool designs and is constantly battling with her husband to push the boundaries out a bit when it comes to the male fashion in the house! Consequently, Harlow has become a brand known for threads that are a mix of street style and rockstar style; where the threads for boys are fresh, playful and a little bit unexpected.

All of the action happens at Harlow HQ in Auckland, New Zealand. 

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